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Originally Posted by Greedy View Post
If it is a rebranded JG as stated by tokyo and hasen't been abused then it is agood entry level gun. A friend used to own 1 (JG SIG) and it performed quite well with extended use. It will be easily upgraded if you choose to. Remember that weapon maintenance is the most important thing you can do to keep it running trouble free. Dont be rough with it as plastic can breeak easily and remember to clean and lube it often.

check out this video on weapon maintenance.
YouTube - Weapon

It sounds like you took the time to check it b4 you bought it but next time you buy a gun I would recomend that you get age verrified and do some research. This will give you more options to chose from. It is very easy to get a bank card, but the fact you don't have one leads me to belive you are under 18 and shouldn't own airsoft. We need to play buy the rules so everyone can continue to enjoy airsoft.
NOW WAIT JUST A MINUTE. JUST because I'm not 18 does not mean I am irresponsible with Airsoft guns. I'm 16 years old and I'm not a dumb ass when it comes to handling these.
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