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Originally Posted by Enjoi View Post
Do you not understand the legalities of this? Guns/firearms etc are to be handled by persons 18+

How would the owner or the community of Airsofters feel if RCMP and CBSA came crashing down our front doors and accusing us of selling guns to underage people?

It`s just like buying cigarettes or alcohol for underage people.

Wise up.
There are no laws in Canada stating that someone has to be 18+ to own an airsoft gun. Only Ontario has a law that prohibits the sales of any non-firearms to minors. Most reputable stores in Canada won't sell any type of air guns to kids. That's store policy, just like 18+ airsoft policy is set forth by the community. Even in Ontario, there's nothing illegal about a parent buying any air gun - paintball, airsoft or pellet - and giving it to their underage kids. However, if said kid does something stupid with the gun, the parents are held liable.
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