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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Buy a KJW, you won't regret it no matter what your using it for
Are you willing to bet your left nut that it is the best choice?

Well it appears that the KJW is the best choice for an M4A1. In terms of doing everything with it, such as gaming and target shooting.

There is a guy in the used GBBR section selling a KJW M4A1 with 4 mags for $450 shipped. I feel tempted to get it, but I have to wait for a pay cheque that comes in January.:banghead:

Aside from that, it might be better getting it new since I plan to use it alot. Then again, if you guys say its durable there shouldnt be any problems getting it used.

Now that I plan to get a KJW M4, what mags does it use? Can I only use KJW M4 mags? Or is it like an AK AEG, which can pretty much use any AK mag from any company?

Also, what upgrade parts should I get for the KJW and where do I get them?
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