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Yeah, but did you read the POU part of his post? He put, KJW last on GBBR to plink with.

Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
POU (Preference of Use) -Plinking
External Air, WA and last places to WE and KJW

Personally, I want to know why did he list KJW last? More so, I want different opinions on what makes airsoft guns accurate. Then which is better, WA or KJW GBBRs?

Since the poster of that comment said WA is good for plinking and there are cheap China clones. I figured a WA M4A1 clone would have been a good choice. Although, it is apparent that everyone says KJW is the better option.

In the end I want to do some research and make a good choice. Since I will be putting a lot of money into one rifle.
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