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Originally Posted by bareass View Post
ya read it ... found it...

so under the definition of replica firearm, its says "but does not include any such device that is designed or intended to exactly resemble, or to resemble with near precision, an antique firearm" does this mean WW2 replicas are fair game?

also, is a replica firearm considered a weapon? if not then the external parts should be good to bring over.

i know this is probably incorrect. but is there anything that can come across? mags? gear? BBs? anything at all?
Hi Bearass.
Sometimes it is hard to find quick answers to questions you might have in the FAQ section.
To answer your question, the best read you can have is the CBSA Importation of firearms that Qlong posted above.
CBSA memorandum D19-13-2 has a little more detail on the matter. The PDF version is downloadable and printable. Here is the link to the PDF version:
I suggest you read it in its entirety.

You will realise that it will be almost impossible for Joe Citizen to bring them over the border.

Basically, it it looks like any modern gun (from 1900 and up basically) you are SOL. It is even questionable whether you can even bring in the transparent plastic guns like the softair Thompsons or the AK's.

The dealers here in Canada that import them for sale here in Canada skirt the issue with their import license.

I just got back from a trip to Ohio and I cant get over how much airsoft goodies they have there at almost half the price of what we pay here, BUT YOU CANT BRING IT ACCROSS THE BORDER.

Originally Posted by bareass View Post
i know this is probably incorrect. but is there anything that can come across? mags? gear? BBs? anything at all?
You can bring BB's, Mags (as long as they dont have simulated ammo on the outside of the mag) Depending on the agent you get, they may ask to see the mag. You will need to show that the mag is an airsoft mag and cant be used to house real ammo. Inner barrels are OK but outer barrels are questionable.
Gear is a non issue but I did recall that I read a CBSA memorandum on chest protectors- the final verdict was it was OK, but avoid the use of "AIRGUN" in your description to the customs agent, it will raise some eyebrows.

smaller parts, like gears and mechboxes are also OK, as is stocks and grips. Scopes, etc are also non issues.

Receivers are prohibited, but it depends on how it is presented at the border. If the agent thinks it is part of a gun (even if it is airsoft) it will be seized.

Good luck, and welcome home.
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