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Originally Posted by Spawn28 View Post
Ok i told this story and everyone laughed at me so i guess this is another one

It was my first Airsoft game ever About 5 years ago and it was a 24hr milsim hosted by wolfpack I know bad mistake never do a 24 hr for your first game.......anyhoo the day went great all kinds of fun and kills to be had and those wolves put on a very good game. Night time falls and its completly pitch black and a guy from the opposing team had figured out our number for safe passage through our base and also to avoid gettin lit up by our guys anyway This guy whom ill name later non shelantly walks into our main base passing the number question and begins knife killing our guys one at a time and very quickly. Finnaly word gets out that an enemy is in our base only to have this guy standing 5 feet from me. He looks over give me a nod like hes cool i turn my back and he grabbed me like he was gonna rape me i squeeled like a girl yes i said like a girl it was pitch black and again this was my first game ever and this guy was absolutly fucking huge in comparisin to me. So yes i screamed like a girl at wich time i think i scared him cause he dropped me only to have me light him up from nuts to forehead on full auto wich was not allowed it was semi only at night but i was scared and i immediatly appologized to him all he said was thats ok and went to respawn.

That Man was Claymore if you know him you know what im talking about. Super nice guy but scarry as all hell if he ever grabbed you at night.
LMAO. Nice!
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