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Another damn Glock 19 threaded barrel thread


It's been a long time quest of mine to find a way to add a silencer to my KSC Glock 19, because I have a TM tracer that would be fun to finally use.

I know there is a G&G threaded barrel that's discontinued and basically crap.
I know there is a SD threaded barrel that's discontinued and impossible to find.


Unless one of you knows about another barrel out there, that route is FUBAR.

I was thinking of getting a strike block ( and machining the hole to fit a cut down AR barrel front (

I'd keep just enough barrel to have the threads clear the spiky bits on the strike block.

One of my concerns is that the barrel will tilt up while returning to battery, but from what I've gathered the BB should be clear beforethe barrel does it's thing.

YouTube - KWA Glock 18C Unboxing + Full Auto Shooting + Real Slow Motion

Particularly around 3:50^^

So, yay or nay? Yeah, it would look a bit odd, and realism is half out the window already since a compensated barrel (Airsoft Surgeon slide set, sex!) would sort of invalidate a silencer (right?).


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