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I had an urgent item Xpresspost to me (2 day delivery). The person dropped it off at the post office in Pembroke on Tuesday afternoon (Dec 14), which meant that it was going to be shipped out the next day to London. ETA was Dec 17, so I waited patiently the whole day for the package to arrive, but nothing came. I went to my nearest CP outlet and asked them if they had it. They said, "without the slip, I can't do anything," which it utter bullshit since they have tracked my packages with just my name. So I called her out on it and she tried to helped me, but no luck. I understand that London has had terrible weather, but the last terrible snow storm we had was on Wednesday Dec 15, which meant that the package was still in Pembroke where there was no bad weather.
All I can say is WTF CP? Always unreliable.


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