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I know of a group of kidiots in the little community I live in that actually play in the streets(which changed to "my dad's 30 acres" when I said they could go to jail) with shitsoft. In the town of Creston(10 mins away), there's a group of kids using what I've heard are "expensive" guns. The sad part is, it's the mayor's kid(15 years old) that's bringing these guns in.
I've heard that they're more responsible with their games than the kids in my community though, and have set up a small paintball/airsoft field up against the mountain on the mayor's property.

I've also found out that the local RCMP detatchment in Creston will literally throw confiscated guns in a dumpster behind their station, which has been gone through by a few people.
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Did he not pay his ASC bill this month?
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