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Originally Posted by Padkiller View Post
Hey guys !

So here's my story (not very long though !)

So, I was about to confirm a purchase from airsoft club, they have good prices !
But, as I saw, the total of my purchase was 312, 80 $, but in US, so I change the currency, and it gives me an amount of 344 $ ?

I mean...WTF ??? it should be like 320$ CAD max ?

So I emailed them, because I know that they answered me back fast by the past, but now...NO EMAILS ! Oh, weird !

So yeah, should I buy or look for something elsewhere, although they still have a good selection and good prices :O ?

If you think I should look elsewhere, where should I buy gear ? but I need a good selection and good prices :O ?

I'm lost now...kinda !
probably their own charges for exchanging the currency... I would look at ordering gear else where. Its kinda like paypal, how they add 10% -/+ sometimes as a middle man fee.
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