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How the hopup works in any AEG is very dependant on a number of factors:
- how hard it shoots
- what make of BB
- what weight of BB
- the hopup rubber
- etc.. a general rule of should adjust the hopup (sometimes big adjustments, sometimes just a little tweak) with every AEG...nearly every time you take it out to use it.

It shouldn't lose it's setting once you're done setting it for your setup, but things wear and shift a bit, so a small tweak now and then isn't a bad thing.

So...yes, you'll need to set the hopup.
- you'll need a good bit of distance to see the hopup kick in...50-60+ft. Closer than that and any adjustments you make may not do much at all.
- start with the hopup off...turn it on incrementally after a couple of spotting shots
- watch for the range to increase as the hopup is applied...when the BBs start hooking up then you've got just a touch too much hopup on, so back it off a bit. The "sweet spot" for your setup might be in a very narrow range of adjustment...keep at it.

- you're not setting the hopup and sighting in your rifle at the same time....set the hopup and ignore the sights altogether, you're looking for a nice flight path of the BB. Then zero your sights on where the BB is hitting. If you're new to things and try to do both at once you'll waste a bunch of time fiddling with settings.
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