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Just bought VFC SOPMOD M4

As title says, picked this up off the Mach1 website. They mounted an NcSTAR Red Dot sight on it for me before they shipped it and a Weaver Rail laser sight. Not sure if I like this model of Red Dot right now, probably going to have to play around with it for awhile. I would imagine I am going to have to do some tweaking to get everything lined up they way it's supposed to be. They forgot to pack the battery and charger, so that's getting put in the mail Thursday.

Should I have to make any adjustments to the hop up or anything, or would all of these type of settings be set at the factory before shipping?

I'm also going to have to email them with regards to the spring. The instruction book says 430+ FPS, but I could swear I was told that it came shipped with a lesser spring ( around 360 FPS ) , with the original spring shipped with the unit if it became necessary to revert back to factory FPS.

** I searched through the threads with regards to the VFC SOPMOD and could not find anything, but I apologize in advance if these questions have been asked before **
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