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Originally Posted by juicy View Post
I still fail to understand why you think the gas mags are so bad, Ninja? Isn't that multiple-chamber design the part that gives it such great performance?

And as to the Latvian G36KV, does that mean that AEG stocks fit on the WE version? Or do they need some modifications or something like that?
no mods as you can see from the picture above....

Ow and about the scope, the airsoft G36 scopes (like in my pictures above) indeed CAN NOT handle the hard recoil
The horizontal line in the scope always gets turned out of place.
This gun kicks to hard to handle airsoft scopes

But the magazine is TOP NOTCH, dont understand the critic from above.
It holds a lot of gas and its darn efficient! What else must a mag do!
Ow and mine does not leak, but I take care of my stuff....
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