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WE G39C...No G39KKKK !

Hey guys, I was subscribed to WE's youtube channel and here's a sneak peak of their new G39K.

YouTube - WE G39K.avi may say two things, first is that...OMG Padkiller, you're awesome !
Ok, correction, first thing you may say is that a K variant was predictable, and you're right !

Second thing you may say is that it's a bit disappointing that there's no scope on it...well with the longer barrel, this GBB must/will have a lot more FPS and more range, so there will be more recoil, making a G36 type scope, which is already small, useless.

So I leave you guys with this, do you think that a gun like this will be more $$$ and consume more gas.....

Talk is on baby !

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