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Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
wait, don't CO2 GBBRs work much better in the cold?
what about red gas?
No, C02 doesnt work well in the cold either. And I agree with the guys saying avoid GBBR and go with AEG first, they are still usable in the winter (Given you keep them warm), but its not recommended as fast moving projectiles and frozen plastic dont usually go hand in hand. But if you want realism, and yes I know you dont like the whole electric thing, try looking at getting a Real Sword Type 56. Its the chinese AK, and its all metal and not pot metal (Garbage metal), as far as I know, its a real AK body, just with airsoft internals. And again with the other people dont get a pistol first, I wanted to do that too, and was warned against it, tried using one against someone with a Mac 11 and i lost horribly. Good luck and welcome

@Jimski, dont think many aerosol/gases work very well in the cold due to the temp and humidity.
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