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GBB anything = expensive mags...if you are running a pistol as a primary (not smart) you are going to want multiple mags which means lots of cash...

I would really recommend getting a nice can get a nice weapon for 600 bucks

I understand you are really hot to get into the sport but don't be sucked into the 'gun' remember that you are also going to need gear and equipment, this includes batteries magazines, bbs, protective goggles/mask, LBVs. It all really piles up, if you have a sick gun and no mags you are useless.

I would really suggest reading more into what is good and what is crap before you drop some serious dough. Go out to a game and talk to some guys, the scene in the Montreal area is pretty big so go to a game and talk to some of the vets (trust me, sometimes all they do is talk ) they may even let you rent a set of their gear.. I am usually more than willing

Go to a game, get AVd and get some knowledge and THEN make your decision

Kingston airsoft, we do it better.
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