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Originally Posted by bomber439 View Post
Roughly 37 hrs non-stop.
Is there twelve hours sleep added in here? From toronto, in fair weather, 13-15hours will get you into Thunder Bay. Sleep in your car at the Terry Fox Monument, start the next day at 8am and you'll be in Claybank a little after dark that night. You pick up two hours of daylight going that way. That'll be roughly 37 hours.

37 hours non-stop and you'll be in Calgary on the Transcanada, or even over the B.C. border if you go Crowsnest Pass way. I made it from the B.C. side of Hwy 93 circa Radium Hot Springs to the GTA in 35.5 hours this august... solo. Although I wouldn't recommend it, it is possible.

Imho, the Ontario / Manitoba border to Regina stretch is the easiest, fastest and least police patrolled section of the 17 / 1. Just be careful round the Winipeg bypass loop and you're golden.
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