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Polar Star HPA Drop in V2 Kit

So I did a search for this and I was surprised that nothing had been posted yet.

I found this a few days ago and instantly fell in love. I WANT ONE.

Even though this is an HPA/CO2 run kit, it will still need your a battery to run the electronics on it. From what I have read, they spec it to work around 7-9 volts. So you can run a small Ni-meh/Ni-Cad battery, or a LiPo no problems, and it will probably last many many many many games.

I think this would be PERFECT for anything from CQB rifles to MGs. I know running tanks and lines is not everyone's cup of tea, its not mine either, but I think I would try it out for this product.

While looking for pics to post I found an article about it on arnies >

They have some impressive videos on their youtube channel >

December 2010 Pre-orders were mentioned, but I'm not sure its going to happen, either way its coming soon, and I plan on getting one. (hopefully it wont cost 1/2 my pay check :s)
I know I got Amos interested too
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