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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
Only marginally so with gas guns.

For example:

AEG @ 400fps with .20g = 400fps
with .25g = 380fps
with .28 = 350fps
with .30 = 330fps

WE GAS RIFLE @ 400fps with .20g = 400fps
with .25g = 390fps
with .28g = 380fps
with .30g = 370fps

kinetic energy is HIGHER with WE GBBR's than AEG's with heavier weight bb's.

The above is not a scientific approach and is merely theory based on experience. If someone has a chrony and an AEG @ 400 w/ 2g and a WE @ 400 w/2g, you will see what I mean.
Your numbers with AEG aren't that accurate. From my experience it's
400 fps wuth 0.20
360 fps with 0.25
330 fps with 0.28

BB Bastard calculator which is available at

400 fps wuth 0.20
358 fps with 0.25
338 fps with 0.28

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