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Originally Posted by spartan117 View Post
... heavier bb's = lower FPS
Only marginally so with gas guns.

For example:

AEG @ 400fps with .20g = 400fps
with .25g = 380fps
with .28 = 350fps
with .30 = 330fps

WE GAS RIFLE @ 400fps with .20g = 400fps
with .25g = 390fps
with .28g = 380fps
with .30g = 370fps

kinetic energy is HIGHER with WE GBBR's than AEG's with heavier weight bb's.

The above is not a scientific approach and is merely theory based on experience. If someone has a chrony and an AEG @ 400 w/ 2g and a WE @ 400 w/2g, you will see what I mean.

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