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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
That is honestly the coolest story. Man, I wish I was you.
EVeryone around you would've been like, shit, this guy got balls.
Actually, everyone was lining up to board the plane, and they saw me wear a vest and walk right down to the airport.. they were probably thinking that I had some kind of royal treatment, but instead, I was being investigated!

I didn't carry any airsoft by hand, I left everything in my check in luggage and I got everything back and they have all safely arrived in Toronto. My plane was scheduled to leave at 4:20pm, and they finished their investigation with me at 4:10pm, so I ran back upstairs to board the plane. I spent around $1200 USD...

I remained cool and even greeting the people that secured me.. I wanted to show that I was willing to show them everything and I meant not threat.

Here is proof that all my items made it across the border safely:

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