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Originally Posted by Matt 'Maverick' Watts View Post
It is possible to take your airsoft guns safely and legally over the border. You need to have legally purchased them in Canada and be have receipts for each gun. Stop at the CBSA office prior to crossing the border and tell them what you're doing. They will give you a form to fill out, confirm the equipment and give you paperwork to take with you. On return you declare your gear and provide the paperwork with your passport.
I have successfully done this on 2 separate occasions. The initial stop took me about 20 minutes. Crossing back both times I did not get pulled over or searched.
Last trip was just over a week ago.
i've heard that they also stick a tamper proof sticker inside your magwell
or in the case of your gun having a individual serial number they record that

but it all boils down to

time, cbsa office,and paperwork
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