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Originally Posted by Darklen View Post
And off the record a bit, don't be an asshat. The last thing an AVer wants to deal with is some f*cktard who thinks he/she has the "right" to play airsoft and to have access into the AV sections of ASC. That's no way to gain entry into the community. Take the time to chat with the AVer. They are all volunteers and take a lot of thier own time out to do this service. Treat them accordingly.
I'm surpised a lot of people aren't aware of the AV process since a lot of it is documented in the forums alread. I went through Brian at TTAC3 and we had a short chat about things, told me it might take a while and was pretty informative about the questions I had. (Thanks again Brian ^___^)

So to add to what was said above by Darklen:

No problem waiting.. I can still join up on games... I just won't have access to high end guns for a bit. If they really want to play that bad they can easily get some lower end models for the time being while they wait. Who cares if you don't have a Tokyo Marui.. least you can still play AND get to see the higher end guns in action from other players before you even buy it. Even while waiting out the AV process I was still able to pick up decent guns through online and local retailers.

No point bitching about it.. they have listed in nearly every thread about the AV process that they are volunteers... they all have lives, jobs, kids, or whatever it may be to deal with just like everyone else does. Not only that, but for whatever reason you think justify's that you be an asshole to the people helping you become age verified is like giving a cop the finger.. you could get in trouble or they can be nice about it and just shrug it off and keeping you on that AV pending list.
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