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As I tell people I Verifiy:

- All entries are entered into the same thread in part of the staff area. When one of the higher level admins has time, they get updated. It can (and does) take days to weeks. Every entery is done individually as your profile info has to match your info you gave the AVer. Going to a different AVer does nothing.

- Make sure you actually have an account on ASC. You'd be suprised how many times I got to enter someones info only to find out that user name does not exist.

- Make sure you give the AVer the correct user name. AVer's should be running a search for your user name to make sure of the spelling, but many don't.

- Make sure your info in your profile matches the info you give the AVer. If there's a descrepency, you AV get's hung up.

And off the record a bit, don't be an asshat. The last thing an AVer wants to deal with is some f*cktard who thinks he/she has the "right" to play airsoft and to have access into the AV sections of ASC. That's no way to gain entry into the community. Take the time to chat with the AVer. They are all volunteers and take a lot of thier own time out to do this service. Treat them accordingly.
ASC Age Verifier for Red Deer & Area Alberta
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