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Originally Posted by leroy_stickshift View Post
im curious, i've gone in to see jeff and get age verified, now... will i recieve some sort of message?? i couldnt find an answer in the FAQ's, i've been checking to see if the classifieds still say private or if they'll let me in at least once or twice a day lol.
Nope, no message.
It'll just happen, I didn't have to wait too long.
I signed in one day and the status was updated.

The AV happens in a batch process, AV'ing every single person individually is not practical.
The info you supplied has to be entered into their system.
Verifiers do their part, update your information (and anyone else on the to AV list) Miracles occur, everyone gets updated.

Keep in mind, these are volunteers AND it's the holiday season.
You've met someone, it won't be long.
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