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For anyone that cares, I had time today to do some more testing with the rifle. At approximately 30 feet using Green Devil .2g BBs (25 BBs), I managed to shoot a 4" grouping with a Bushnell Buckmaster 3-9x30 scope that was not sighted in. This was done using a box as a rest, no bipod, and keeping the exact same point of aim with the hop up at half.

The chronograph results averaged approximately 460 fps. With the highest shot being 473 and the lowest being 446 fps (no hop up and 15 rounds fired).

The only major downside I found was that using the supplied magazine, I had to hold the magazine into the gun for it to feed reliably. There was also a very noticeble twang of the barrel after every shot during the accuracy shoot.

The hop up is adjusted the same as the TM VSR, and I will confirm or deny the fact that it may or may not be a VSR hop up unit tomorrow or Friday if I can find the time to strip the gun down.
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