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Last time I was in durham region, it was hard to get around due to the sheer excesses of airsofters in the area.

I mean, seriously. I tried walking down the street, and it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to not step on one, they were everywhere! you couldn't sit down, you couldn't go to the bathroom and you couldn't even go and enjoy an icecream cone without the bastards crowding up the place and messing up your icecream with BB's.

There was this one time I drove to a gas station, and when I pulled in to fill up (Running over around 50 of the buggers in the process) I opened up my cap only to find that there were more of them inside my gas tank!, so I had to dispose of my vehicle with explosives.

It made a crater, but it soon filled in with all of the airsofters everywhere. Couldn't even tell there was an explosion.
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