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Originally Posted by rokor View Post
Maybe in your perfect world where every single citizen follows every single law, carefully...

And that's what I figured. I knew that they could easily search you, but I just thought something was different.

"what is stopping you from doing the same thing with firearms, drugs, people ect ect ?"

Firearms, first of all, are a lot harder to acquire than plastic shooting toys. They also cost more, making it more logical to import in larger quantaties. Larger quantaties=harder to hide... you did not ask about importing you asked "what is stopping you from smuggling airsoft in"

People, simply are identified with just that; identification. again you are talking about illegally bring something across you do not ID an illegal person

And drugs are already being imported. You only hear about the very small percentage that actually get siezed.and this is the reason you think you can get away with smuggling airsoft right?

For those of you that actually helped, thanks. I knew that you'd get in shit if you were caught, I just wasn't sure exactly how you would. Now I know that it's pretty much the same thing that I thought before. Thanks.
being 15 you really should stop trying to think of ways to get airsoft illegally if you did try this and got caught do you think they would just say "oh well he is just a minor" and let you go or charge the adult with you?

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