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Did you notice that the question was asked in march of 2009, almost two years ago. By the standards of this forum, your post is considered a necro post, which is a minor offense. Since you are new to this forum I highly recommend that you read the FAQs before an admin directs you to them (more specifically the forum rules -
Sorry eh. I did address that in my disclaimer, noting the exact age of the thread at that time. I researched the definition of a necro post as a post on an otherwise archaic thread which contributes little or no valuable information. Thought this fact is certainly subjective, I believe I did contribute something not entirely useless, or at least with the intent of being helpful. Now I have read the FAQ's, thank you.

Anyways, for interpretation of the content of the prior post, my main points were:
1) energy is proportional to mass, and proportional to the square of velocity.
2. the energy of a gun is NOT constant as bb weight varies.

Once again, the above has not been proven, and is simply the product of reasoning from some classical mechanics and the propositional calculus.

BTW, in case you ask about getting age verified, I have no need to since I live right under the US Canada Bridge, and I play in the US(no airsoft community where I live). I keep my guns with a friend, so I don't have any need to buy from classified. Thank you all.
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