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Originally Posted by bob1212295 View Post
Then you also know the answer
Maybe in your perfect world where every single citizen follows every single law, carefully...

And that's what I figured. I knew that they could easily search you, but I just thought something was different.

"what is stopping you from doing the same thing with firearms, drugs, people ect ect ?"

Firearms, first of all, are a lot harder to acquire than plastic shooting toys. They also cost more, making it more logical to import in larger quantaties. Larger quantaties=harder to hide...

People, simply are identified with just that; identification.

And drugs are already being imported. You only hear about the very small percentage that actually get siezed.

For those of you that actually helped, thanks. I knew that you'd get in shit if you were caught, I just wasn't sure exactly how you would. Now I know that it's pretty much the same thing that I thought before. Thanks.
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