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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
I always declare the people I import.
Then you've brought back a Robert Goulet or two I take it?

@OP: I take it you don't mind the subsequent rubber glove treatment if you get caught then? True "the chances are....." but there are also the chances that you win the lotter too ("OMG, there's a *chance* to win 6 Million dollars"). Is it really worth it for the chance to get put on a list somewhere?

EDIT: Also.... I don't know for you but for me I absolutely *can't* have a criminal record, especially when I eventually apply for a professional designation (cause criminal records aren't cool). However you or Joe Schmoe from down the street are free to chance it. For things like being some office gopher it's probably not that bad but if you ever want to be a professional (ie. Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Surveyor, Teacher, Accountant etc.), past criminal records (especially for smuggling) aren't cool.
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