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Originally Posted by warlockv2 View Post
anyways i was age verified, just waiting for it to go threw now, jesus.. i thought steam was bad with flaming... but to everyone who answered helpfully thank you.. im planning on keeping the guns cause they were cheap, and maybe good enough for me and some freinds to fuck with, but otherwise i shal be going for some better quality in the very near future, thx anyways guys
Welcome to Airsoft!
My Son had that walmart special 2 years ago. When he started we popped out the same amount of money as you. He loved it. He also loves my CYMA Thompson and my KJW M1911. As of late he also likes it when I'm working and he can field my guns. We play with some local hardcore players with big guns and at our 2010 Airsoft Christmas dinner he was given a "Most improved player award." Not bad for a walmart special.
He was patient over the last two years and next spring he will be retiring the walmart special for something better. Since it's falling apart now and he deserves better. lol
Airsoft is a great community. Try it out if you like it intime pick up a better gun.
My thoughts is it's not all about the gun but how you play the gun. So, to my local group look out next year.

Again Welcome

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