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Originally Posted by SnapBack View Post
Nice try.....
he was pretty much on the mark

I think he means this

You should try and post you problem up in the gun doc section, you'll get more approptiate responses there.
I see.

Thank you for the link, it clears up a lot.

I agree with Boris's remarks on the selector switch- it could be that the spring/nub are worn/damaged, or lost its "springiness. Stretching or replacing the spring and inspecting/replacing the nub may do it.

It could also be the detents in the body. Assuming that it has a metal body, the detents should still be well defined. But you should inspect the detents and make sure they are well defined. You will have to remove the selector switch to do this. Also inspect the track that the nub will follow between the detent positions. Sometimes these get worn into a groove that runs between the detents thus making it seem like there is no positive "Stop" into any given selector position. (this is especially common in plastic bodied guns where the plastic wears down very easily over time)

As for the mechbox noises, it could just need some servicing. “noise” is a very subjective term. Without hearing what that noise is, it would be hard to make a proper analysis as to the cause. If you are mechanically inclined, you should open the mechbox and service the moving parts, inspecting for wear, damage and lubricating appropriately.
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