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lol thats funny mr computer talking tough guy, i was drunk and i didn't know about columbine christ everyone in this town that knows me especially knows its just bs media making something small into something huge cause of columbine it was a clear battery operated mp5 and the batterys were low so when i shot it in THE CORNER of the classroom even i could of took 1 in the eye and still been fine that day even without it bouncing off the wall. so if you want to know where i am you can try and kick my teeth in but fitness is my life not airsoft pistols like you so ill probably wreck you in seconds. hahaha this forum is hilarious, "hes giving airsoft a bad name" christ to actually use these alot for fun you would have to have more problems then me these guns are retarded i picked a cheap one up for sale and im like wow this is so much more pathetic then i thought. if any of you airsoft nerds have a problem then come to me and say shit to my face little gossiping bitch cause your wasting time talking about shit u dont know anyways i was pretty drunk and i didn't know about columbine and WANTED to miss, the classroom had 6 kids in it 1 of them was my friend he couldn't believe how big they made this into. and if i did hit someone i would of went to jail no doubt so you guys are retarded lol i gotta admit you obviously have to have some problems playing with these toys, get a real gun and shoot it LMFAO

seems like the kind of guy who would ragequit world of warcraft and go on a shooting spree

1. drinking and going to school? you are dumber than your post makes you sound

2. fitness does not equate combat skill

do you live under a rock? if so what are the property taxes like? are there any nice ammenities nearby?
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