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Originally Posted by maiochine View Post
I'm going to Beijing soon and I would like to know please (a correct answer if possible)
if I can carry in the under luggage cargo an ASG or Airsoft accessories .

Please do not reply if you don't have an accurate answer.

Many thanks
Relevant info is here:

Specifically this section (copy-pasta):

Okay, so I can’t import guns. What about parts and accessories?

Yes. The good news is that most parts and accessories, including most magazines, can be successfully imported by individuals without requiring a BFL. Examples of things you CANNOT import:

* AEG magazines with fake cartridges (i.e. P90, G36, SG 552 mags)
* Frames, receivers, and metal bodies
* Suppressors and silencers
* Prohibited-length outer handgun barrels (i.e. USP Compact, Glock 26)
* Hand and 40mm grenades that look real

Examples of things you CAN import:

* Magazines for AEGs and GBBs without fake cartridges
* Outer barrels for most guns
* Inner barrels of any type
* Handgun slides
* Flash suppressors
* Scopes, red dot sights, iron sights, lasers
* Rail systems and scope mounts
* Springs, bushings, gears, pistons, or other gearbox parts
* Batteries, BBs, loading tools
* Helmets, goggles, body armor, tactical vests, camouflage

Note that CBSA inspectors have discretion to detain goods of questionable legality, and although it shows up on the above list it MAY be held if you draw an inspector that is particularly ignorant or of foul demeanor. That said, I have yet to hear of any seizures of the above items.

Prohibited-length handgun barrels may or may not be stopped. Most outer barrels are not dimensioned internally to even appear capable of firing a real bullet, and faux rifling marks typically extend only a few millimeters down the bore. However CBSA inspectors are not firearms experts and if they think there's a potential of it being usable in a real gun, they'll seize it rather than risk their jobs. Best not to take a chance on it.
Note that the magazines with faux bullets in them are technically allowed in (or at least that's what the consensus was in some other thread) but you will likely get hassled a lot if the inspector decides it's illegal. Better yet don't try importing those and taking back "black" magazines instead (by "black" I mean coloured/opaque).

EDIT: As for the suppressors and silencers..... they're in a grey area as well. On one hand they're just tubes of metal but on the other hand you shouldn't have any foam (or other) inside them. As well, trademarks will likely make agents question it.
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