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Originally Posted by Someone110 View Post
I've also been looking into a DMR-type AEG for outdoor games, as I've only got one gun so far and I'm not looking forward to swapping springs every other week to meet FPS requirements. I found a shop that's got an L86 that seems pretty good, and I was wondering about the possibility of using that for long-range fire, just keeping it in semi-auto so I don't splooge BBs all over the place.

And before anyone points it out, yes. I'm asking about using a SAW as a DMR. Yes, I know it sounds retarded. I just like the bullpup layout and think that with the L86's longer barrel, I could get decent medium-long range accuracy out of it.

You mean the L86a2? The coolest looking dmr I've ever seen was an l86a2 with 20rnd mags and an RIS handguard. They look super-fly. I say go for it.

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