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Thanks for all the replies (except a


As far as the learning curve goes, I'm a hands-on guy... I much rather buy a GBB and take it apart a hundred times to get to know the gun and be very familiar with it.

As far as AV goes,
Yes I've read up on it and yes I'll get to it when I have time or maybe at a first game?

I have no problem with telling you I'm 20 because I know I am 20 and more than able to buy a gun and get myself AV'd at a first game (if it can be done??)

anyways, I'll have to see if I have time. I'm getting into law studies so I'll most likely have a ton to do.

so back to the guns,

I'm going to be comfortable spending an initial 400-500...600$ on a rifle (enough??)
I don't want to go with AEG at first, I want to start off in GBB and learn with it.

I'm more of a Lego guy..not a playmobil guy (If you can understand such analogy ...I suppose you know what I'm talking about)

In the upcoming days, I'll go to an army surplus and buy myself a handgun.
the one I saw was 295$...If I remember correctly it was some asian (chinese, japanese? excuse me if I can't remember specifically lol) brand and it was an M9? (not sure it was an M9...can't remember)

I'm more of a pistol guy too so I think I'll just go for a pistol (less expensive than a rifle?) and work on my learning curve about GBB guns with the M9 and then buy a rifle.

I really don't mind kicking your asses only with a pistol lol (I'm good with my fingers hehe)

yeah...I think that's just what I'll do.. buy an M9 and learn everything there is to know about GBB and the maintenance etc...

by the time I'm finished with the M9, I'll be able to take it apart and back eyes shut.

so yeah... um...I have to run now (gotta proofread and correct my gf's essay)

I'll be back to read the replies later.

thanks for the warm welcome too!
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