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Also keep in mind where you are in the country and the time of year it is. I see you are from Montreal like me, thats good because we have the second largest group of players in the country and the best events.

Gas blow back rifles and pistols do not like the cold, so basically they are problematic from fall to the start of spring. This can be avoided by playing indoors and by using co2 mags instead of propane. AEGs and spring guns are a better choice for colder times of the year. I would suggest getting an AEG as your first gun and then branching out to gas guns after. Most of the players who game gbbrs bring an electric gun as a back up.

All this however is contingient on the fact that you are in fact an adult. If not then you will have to wait to play, but please feel free to stick around and read and learn and enjoy the community.

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