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First post - a bit confused

there are so many stickied posts and whatnot that it got me confused...I think I understand the basics and I've a few searches on the site to answer a few questions but I still have a few questions that I can't seem to find a specific answer since there are so many topics that match my keywords that I am getting lost.

My question is...being there a weapon I should go for?

I'm sure age won't be a problem for acquiring any weapon anywhere so my only concern would be money and quality.

I have a thing for realism so electric weapons - a bit no no for me haha.

so from my understanding and research..Gas BlowBack (GBB) weapons are what is closer to realism?

I was thinking of starting off with stock weapons and upgrade as I start playing and start getting a hold of the physics of

So I wanted to go for a M9 + a rifle (maybe an m4?) to start with.

What would you recommend for M9s and rifles? specific make? specific retailer? anything I should look for?

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