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For me, it was getting 'captured' in one of the Mil-sim games here in manitoba (Keystone strike 4).

Our Objective was to extract a captured pilot from the enemy forces, and to do so we were sent as a small team to clear out a simulated town to recover him, a good deal of the enemy forces were busy at the 'border' way off.

So, We ended up taking the long route through woods and swamp, ended up getting two bootfulls of swamp water and mucked about that for an hour. After we got to dry land we dried off/dumped our boots and moved on. Eventually we came across the outer edge of the 'town' which was marked by a sniper tower. Being the sniper myself I was to go out, secure it and put it to my own use while the rest of our squad moved on to a flanking position.

So, between me and the tower was a clearing in the woods, about a 100 ft across from the treeline to the tower. Surrounding the tower was a small clearing for a path and more bush.

Being an idiot and not thinking at the time, i simply walked right across the open expanse and as I got to the half way mark, I saw heads bobbing over the bushline and then people, more people, and more people.

Lots of people. They were just moving out as far as I know, so it wasn't long until they saw me and I had like 14 guns in my direction, I simply dropped my weapons and put up my hands (That, and I ripped up my 'map' up since I didn't want to give out any information. After the game, apparently people thought I was trying to eat it.)

I was pat down, guns confiscated and tied up. And inevitably put into the same little box-house thing as the pilot. We got acquainted and mucked about in captivity for a half hour or so, For some reason the enemy untied us but we were guarded pretty well. One guy at the door and others going about the simulated town.

However, there was a window that the pilot could fit through. So the plan was that I boost him and he makes a run for it. I mean, I was just a captured player, if I got shot and called out, I'd just simply walk back to spawn and be able to tell the rest of our squad what happened, i'm not sure what would happen to the pilot if he got shot though.

Now that we were bored, and figured we 'really' didn't have anything to loose so we sprung into action.

Now, the guard was keen enough to look in when we started scrambling for the boost, the pilot and I fumbled and I'm pretty sure my hands went somewhere they shouldn't have, but he stumbled out and made a run for it. For the next few minutes I was held at gunpoint while three other guys made a wild chase for the pilot.

Within the next 15 minutes or so, the pilot and I found ourselves relocated into a more secure building, no windows, doorway literally boarded shut. We were also tied up again. The ties were pretty sloppily done and we got out of them, so with more boredom we decided to annoy the guards. There was no floor to the 'buildings' and lots of little stones, grass, twigs and the like, so we flicked that over the opening of the boarded doorway at where we figured the guards were at.

Just as we started having fun, gunfire rang out, all we could hear were BB's whacking into the outside of the wall and the like. And after a short while we were pulled out of our captivity and got a truck ride back into our safe zone.

Getting captured is embarrassing, but atleast I had figured out a way to make it fun for the while, haha. My buddy continuously rags on me about it.
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