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New or used?

So I'm looking to get into airsoft and was looking at cabela's at there G&G M4 Commando or there G&G M4 Carbine Package. And was thinking should I be buying a new gun to start off with, or should I buy a used gun that would could be cheaper and let me see what would work for me. I'm willing to spend the money buy don't want to buy gun and equipment and find that I don't use them. Also I don't buy a lot of stuff online but should I be looking online at canadian sites rather than buying a cabela's. The M4 is the gun that I like the most and cabela's happens to sell them plus G&G looks like they are a reputable company. I plan to spend a lot more time at the outdoor fields but will like something that would be manageable in the CQB area's as well.
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