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True, It is considered a level 3 offense according to my Residence Handbook, any sort of weapons including hunting knives or fishing knives or any firearm even movie props, are forbidden inside residence, However i will probably leave my stuff with my aunt in north york, however i dont see why one cannot keep it under their bed or deep in the closet and only take it out to bring to games, even then it will be in a bag away from anyone slung around the back like violin or a musical instrument, an other way is to keep it in my guitar case but before people start flaming me for this, this is just what i would do and it is debatable, since my RAs cant raid my room when they feel like it and the Porter Office is away from the residence buildings because i live in Calumet
Nah no worries, I'm not flaming you, just saying that I remember it being said that you cannot bring any sort of replica firearm into dorms.

But ya Calumet is nice, my friend was there first year. Since you're already in University, I'm guessing you're around 18 years old? Get age verified =P
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