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prolly the most embarrassing thing i did was a grenade mishap training at the farm. One of the guys on our team has a farm that the back half has been converted into an airsoft field, including a nice big 2 story barn turned into a killhouse

well theres a big open stairway in the middle of the barn, up to the 2nd floor, a nice blind spot if you are standing unterneath the stairs where no matter what angle the guys on the 2nd floor cant shoot at you

well being the wonderfully coordinated fellow that i am, lit a grenade and lobbed it up, only to have it bounce off the stair railing and proptly come back down to me for a visit

my buddy and i duck behind a convenient wall, come back and try again....only to have the same thing happen

grenade exploding on the other side of a corrugated metal wall from you......loud
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