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I found out these where repro's AFTER I did win one...luckely I didn't pay for it. I did send an Email to TAD, after giving the "rock" a NEG. feedback on Ebay with a warning for other EbaYers.

The hoodies have been removed from Ebay after TAD contacted ebay. He still selling repro stuff but I think no one is going to bid 180usd for repro stuff any more.

Now hes trying to sell a Flyye copie of the TAD backpack for 175usd...that guy is really a loser!

I really hope this guy isn't an airsofter...he gives us all a bad name with the "real" guys.

btw... If you read his posts on this forum you see he asked for info about following shop: ...and now he selling that sh*t on ebay ... LOL

btw..nothing against repro's...but at least it must be stated right!

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