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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
works extremely well though I have started mounting it directly to my belt, instead of in the drop leg config, to help control the weight and flopping it sometimes does when running.
I'll run it belt mounted too...way to big to run this drop leg !

Originally Posted by shiftsup View Post
I have the milspex holster for my MK23 but I dislike using it.

I prefer using the Madbull AGX Holster for my MK23:

(Thanks again coachster)
whats then main differance ?

Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
i use that one. I decided never to carry my Mk23 around anymore when I'm using my primary... it's so big... too much clunkiness when I'm running around.

so I just run solo with mk23 whenever I use it. The gun is good enough.
well...I like big toys hehe...seriously, I just don't want to buy another sidearm.
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