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Suppressor/Silencer with Bolt Action Spring Rifles


Before I start I'm pretty well aware of the noise that travels through the hallow case, and the noise that is caused from the piston going outward. So for this experiment lets just say you put a pillow over it and wrapped up the entire gun in sound proofing foam all around it except the barrel's end. So the noise that is being produced is from the barrel end.

Since there are a vast number of suppressors/silencers out there what would you recommend to help silence the noise from the barrel end as best as possible. I've seen so many variations out there and have seen some of them disassembled and are pretty much junk. I'm kinda looking for the best that will reduce the noise... so multi-walled, sound proof foam pads, perfect diameter, etc. anything that will reduce sound to it's maximum limit.

What can you guys recommend and why? (please don't mention home made solutions. I am currently working on a project and don't want to add this to my plate.)
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