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Originally Posted by phloudernow View Post
Hey i was just wondering since you are the director at TTAC3 do you guys allow tact glasses? or can do i have to wear proper goggles or a full face mask i know you said you recommend full face protection, but i could have a pair of Goggles and a shemagh wrapped around my face? this is my usual set up as far as face protection goes

Glasses are disallowed at TTAC3 due to ricochets. You'll understand when you see the facility.

If you're new to airsoft in Ontario, pick up some el cheapo PAINTBALL goggles such as the JT's from Canadian Tire, then buy some ESS NVG goggles and strap a mask to the bottom for places like TTAC3 and private fields.

Sign up and show up for the game happening on the 10th.

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