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Originally Posted by Gato View Post
Well, next spring/summer will be your lucky time, there'll be TONS of outdoor games in large open areas. As far as winter games go, they DO happen, but alot of people don't want to go out and play in the winter, myself included. I can understand your interest coming from Hong Kong, if I weren't a native here, I'd want to experience as much as possible, but after 21 years of our winters, I'm sick of it and try to avoid it

Just check the event's section of the board (I'll provide a link at the end of my post) for any winter games, but be warned, you'd better be well prepared as it can get super cold at times

As for the spring/summer games, I don't know how long you'll be here, but you'd be more than welcome to come to a game. If you have anything else you think I could answer, feel free to PM me

I'd also recommend getting age verified, it gives you full access to these boards and can be done really easily, there are decent games regularily held at TTAC3 (it's indoor and CQB but fun as hell) and the host/owner can do the age verification

Game lists:
Thanks!! yeah they are processing my AV right now actually i went on tuesday to get age verified, gota wait a week or two before it passes through, but yeah thanks anyway hmm ok, as im from hong kong im not too keen on cqb as thats kind of what we usually only play majority of the time but i wont mind a good ol cqb game haha just need to get a hand gun thats all, i dont like play with aegs in cqb so once i get my hand on a gbb ill play more cqb games as for now ill try find some outdoor games
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