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Not all fields will require the full face mask though but in the end it's what their INSURANCE COMPANY stipulates.

I know it's crazy but us Canadians are almost becoming as litigious as the US for stupid ass cases. Plus the insurance company won't pay out if it's found the field did anything wrong (as well as their insurance policy revoked). Sure you may say you won't sue but who then is holding the bill for medical (and other) costs if you actually do get hurt?

So there's really 2 options for PB fields, goggles with facemask or only the ASTM approved goggle part (ie. if you get a "modular" facemask where you can remove panels). Keep in mind it MUST be ASTM approved, even if your goggles are capable of taking a 50 cal. point blank if it's not ASTM approved and the insurance company finds out, the owner can be held liable for the medical (and other) bills if sued since the insurance company will state that the letter of the insurance contract wasn't followed.

Everywhere else (ie. private fields) eyepro is fair game. Hell I use shooting glasses for most occasions but I prefer sealed goggles (ballistic or paintball/ASTM).
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