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Starting in QC...

Well finally I am here...

Ive started plaiyng airsoft in Spain, in 2009, i use to play every weekend there. I just moved to QC, and now I have some questions to know about rules over here.

For example, in Madrid they have rules about FPS on the battlefield.

350fps Maximum for, "fusilier" "rifleman" for example, M4, Aks, etc, etc...
400fps Backup, like m249, mk1 mk2 paratrooper...
500fps MAX, for sniping.

Also they have rules about distance for example you cant shoot someone if the distance is under 10m, you should use pistol for this distance, and some times under 5m you shouldnt shot you just say "you are dead... but the last one is just a cortesy rule.

Right now i have a CELCIUS M4, i didnt have problem to enter the replica by peaces in the country (lucky me cause all the people told me DONT DO THAT, but is my celcius!!!) and some extra equipment, vests,etc, etc...
I think is enough to start here i just have 2 buy a secondary weapon and thats it.

Also i need a recomendation on bbs, i use to use, G&G 0,25 bio balls or King arms same weight.

Well I am really open to any advices.
Sorry about my english is really bad, and my french is worst... i will learn more (i hope). Right now i am in my parents house in QC for some days and then i will move to Montreal 2 work and study there.

Thanks for all guys see you on the BF.
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